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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is PinniTAGS?

    Traditional methods of identification, such as ID cards and badges, are often inefficient and insecure. ID cards can be lost or stolen, and badges can be easily copied. This can lead to security breaches and unauthorized access to restricted areas. Thus there is a lot of forgery and duplication of information as well as impersonation for different reasons whether money-based or with malicious intent.

    PinniTAGS is a secure and efficient identification system designed to address the aforementioned issue. By employing various secure technologies, we apply smart identity cards to individuals, smart tags or codes to assets, and scannable documents to verify the identity of people or items. PinniTAGS codes possess unique, non-copyable encoding, enabling quick and easy scanning for owner verification. This versatility makes PinniTAGS well-suited for a range of settings, including corporate offices, schools, and government buildings

  • PinniTAGS offers a number of benefits over traditional methods of identification. These benefits include:

    1. Security:

      PinniTAGS codes feature unique encoding that is impervious to duplication, making them significantly more secure than alternative codes.

    2. Efficiency:

      PinniTAGS codes can be swiftly and effortlessly scanned, enhancing efficiency when compared to conventional identification methods.

    3. Convenience:

      PinniTAGS cards are small and easy to carry. This makes them more convenient than ID cards or badges.

    4. Call to action:

      PinniTAGS is a secure, efficient, and convenient system for human identification. If you are looking for a better way to identify your employees or members, PinniTAGS is the solution for you.

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