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Last Update; 1st April 2023.


PinniSOFT, “we”, “our”, “us” uses OTPs to give its Customers, “user”, “your”, “you” data protection and security when using our “Services”.
One-time password or simply OTP is a password that is only valid one time. We use OTPs to enhance security and strong authentication.


You may request for the OTP to log into and access your account in two ways;

  1. Via SMS message.
    After registering with us, we confirm that your mobile number is registered with your service provider.
    When you select to receive your OTP by SMS, a text message is triggered, which is sent to the mobile number registered to your account.
    You enter the OTP into the login screen to complete the authentication process.

  2. Via Email.
    When you register your email when creating an account with us, we can send OTPs to your email for authentication.

Please note that the OTP expires after 24 hours. You will be required to request for a new OTP if it has expired. Every user has a maximum of three OTPs per day. If you use all three in a given day, kindly wait for 24 hours to request a new one.
If you persist to request for an OTP, your account will be suspended. If this happens, please call on our known contacts or email us at


  1. Keep your OTP private.

    Never share your OTP with anyone. These include people claiming to represent business associations, family members, friends and or any other person that is not you.
    Please note that we shall never ask for your OTP and do not hold liability for any damages caused when you share your OTP with anyone.
    If someone asks for your OTP, please contact us immediately to report the fraud attempt at or any of our known contacts.

  2. Report theft or loss of trusted devices immediately.
    When you lose your device or it is stolen, please inform us immediately so we may take the necessary steps to secure your account until you are able to access it.

  3. Limit your trusted devices.
    Endeavor to regulate the number of devices that are linked to your account. We advise to use a maximum of two devices that are accessible only to you for example your mobile phone and or your personal laptop. This eases OTP request tracking. If you receive an OTP that you did not request, report the attempt immediately.