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Last Update; 22nd September 2023.


We are extremely confident in the efficiency and effectiveness of our products, to the extent that we offer you this guarantee: If you ever find yourself requiring another product, we will provide a full refund for your product purchase. Read our refund policy.

Terms and Conditions:

Proof of Necessity: To avail of this guarantee, customers are required to submit proof of the purchased product, along with a brief explanation detailing the reasons behind their decision to return the product. PinniTAGS will then request an opportunity to address these concerns and resolve any issues that may have arisen.

Original Purchase:

We will issue refunds based on the initial purchase price of the products. Please note that any extra services or accessories bought separately are not eligible for coverage within this guarantee.

Time Frame:

The guarantee remains in effect for the entire lifespan of the product. Nevertheless, claims must be submitted within 7 days from the moment a product is received.


This guarantee permits a single claim per customer. Upon processing a refund, the corresponding product will be rendered inactive and unusable. We will reimburse all expenses incurred, excluding shipping costs, which are non-refundable.


This guarantee does not apply to smart identities generated for purposes unrelated to verification & business networking, such as event invitations or promotional materials.

Proof of Purchase:

Customers are required to furnish evidence of their purchases when submitting a claim. It is the customer's responsibility to return PinniTAGS products.


If you have received a product that does not meet your expectations, please notify us via email at Kindly include images of the product, and clearly specify any aspects you find unsatisfactory so that we can offer guidance and implement necessary adjustments.

For any production errors or if you receive a product that deviates from the approved proof, PinniTAGS will provide a reprint at no additional cost to you.

Please be aware that we cannot assume responsibility for errors made by customers, any difficulties in visualizing the final product(s), or a lack of familiarity with the warnings* conveyed in our communications.


Occasionally, there may be a need for you to return a product, but please only proceed with this action when specifically instructed by PinniTAGS.

If you are requested to return your product, kindly send it to the following /address:

Plot 724/5 Theta House,
Mawanda Road,


PinniTAGS takes full responsibility for your order, including placement, production, and packaging. However, once your order is handed over to the shipping carrier, our responsibility concludes.

In the event of any items being damaged during shipping, you should direct your concerns to the shipping carrier.

If your order is returned to us as undeliverable, a reshipment fee equal to 110% of the initial shipping charge will be applied.

To facilitate efficient communication in case of delivery issues, please include a phone number with your order.


Because PinniTAGS customizes its products for each individual order, shipment tracking numbers are not generated until the production process is finished. You can potentially track your order using the carrier information provided.


The delivery time for requested products may vary depending on your location. Standard products typically arrive within 72 hours after the purchase is confirmed.

Custom product shipping times are determined after the design process is completed. If, for any reason, we are unable to finish production within the specified timeframe, we will expedite the shipping process to ensure your order still reaches you around the estimated delivery date.

It's important to note that we do not guarantee specific delivery dates; the date provided is merely an estimate.

In rare instances where the print quality does not meet our stringent standards, we may need to reprint your order, which can result in delays.


Customs regulations differ significantly from one country to another, and PinniTAGS lacks authority over these charges. We cannot anticipate the precise amount of these fees.

Consequently, we are not accountable for notifying you about the particular charges that may be imposed. It is incumbent upon you, as the customer and importer, to ascertain your country's regulations regarding customs fees before confirming your order.

Furthermore, please be aware that when customs clearance procedures are obligatory, they may lead to delays exceeding our initial delivery estimates.